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Technology Leader for 25+ Years.

About me

Fueled by my love of education and driven by my belief that “technology can be strategic” I launched Varsity Technologies, which has been serving the Bay Area and beyond for more than 25 years. I also co-founded Plumly, a sales enablement platform, in 2019. I hold leadership positions with Ingram Micro (IM) Services Advisory Council, VentureTech Network, and a Board Member at a Northern California Nonprofit and have co-authored four technology books: Networking Foundations, CCNA Jumpstart, CCDP Exam Notes, and MCSE Jumpstart.

Back in my teaching days, I was stunned at how little technology was about the need of the user. The adoption of technology was about introducing the next great thing without evidence that it would help.

When technology didn’t help people, or didn’t work at all, the response was usually, “oh well.” As an educator and Nonprofit professional, I saw a wide gap in the marketplace and a terrible injustice that actually impacted communities and the environment – and I believed I could do something about it.

Customers needed someone that cared about their needs first so I took my teaching skills and applied it to understanding the customer and their unique needs. Customers also wanted to understand the why and what of technology. They craved clarity and to be empowered to do better for their organization, so I created a model that focused on education, not selling.

I saw that organizations were often times more interested in convincing them in the “pitch” to sell their products more than they were fixing the issue; especially if the problem was hard. With that I knew in order to advocate and fight, you had to persevere and have resilience. There was an answer out there.

These common challenges, along with my personal experiences, created a philosophy around how to serve and why to serve. They later became the defining core values that still apply today in everything we do at both Varsity Technologies and Plumly.

My Books


Sustainable IT solutions for your organization.

Varsity: Technology For Good

Social impact is part of our DNA as a B Corp. How we operate internally and externally is a reflection of our commitment to integrating sustainable practices into our organization and the work we perform for our clients. Your success, we believe, is best achieved with the help of technology designed with intention.


Plumly: Increase MSP Revenue

Plumly is the leader in Sales Acceleration for technology and IT service providers. Built on leading CRMs, Plumly brings intuitively designed software that allows sales professionals to focus on growing revenue and supports sales leaders to develop and coach the best out of their team.


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2023 U.S. EOS Conference: April 20-21, 2023

Global Cloud & Innovation Summit: May 15-17, 2023

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